Park Regulations

The staff of Carolina Memorial Parks takes great pride in caring for the memorial gardens and mausoleums that serve as the final places for so many from our communities.  Information regarding the rules and regulations that safeguard the appearance of our beautiful memorial parks follows.
Flower Removal Days
The first Monday in November and the first Monday in March are set aside for memorial garden flower removal.  This bi-annual cleaning provides for the removal of all park flowers, ensuring that aging arrangements do not distract from the seasonal splendor of the parks' lovely landscapes.
Flower Rules and Regulations
Removal of Unsightly or Dangerous Living Plants and/or Flowers
The Cemetery Authority recognizes that living flowers will be brought to the Cemetery and will unquestionably add immeasurable beauty.  Nevertheless, it is the Cemetery Authority's policy to encourage the custom of placing freshly cut flowers in authorized vases; but the Cemetery Authority reserves the right, but does not assume the obligation, to have employees remove and discard such flowers when they wither and die, or when, it is the sole judgment of the Cemetery Authority that they have become unsightly, dangerous or do not conform to the standards of the Cemetery.  Approved vases are on display at the administrative building. 
Removal of Unsightly or Dangerous Artificial Plants and/or Flowers
Artificial and other quality cloth flowers are permitted within the Cemetery. However, the Cemetery Authority, its officer, directors, employees, agents and representatives shall, in no way, be liable for any damage that such flowers might cause, directly or indirectly. The Cemetery Authority further reserves the right, but does not assume the obligation, to remove and discard such flowers or arrangements when its sole judgment of the Cemetery Authority that they have become unsightly, dangerous or do not conform to the standards of the Cemetery.
Removal of Casket Spray
The Cemetery Authority will remove the casket spray and all other flower arrangements placed on the Cemetery Space four (4) days after the interment.

Floral Decorations outside Authorized Vases
Placement of floral decorations outside authorized vases are permitted only on Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, July 4th and Memorial Day. These decorations should not encroach on an adjacent grave space, niche or crypt.  With the exception of Christmas, placement may be made during the week before the holiday and will be removed on the tenth day following the occasion and disposed of at that time.  Christmas wreaths and winter decorations may be placed anytime after the Friday before Thanksgiving and will be removed by the Cemetery Authority on or about the 10th day following Christmas.
Removal of Congested Flowers and Decorations
If, in the sole judgment of the Cemetery Authority an area has become congested with flower or decorations, the Cemetery Authority may, at its sole descretion, remove a portion of flowers or decorations without liability to any Owner or any third party.

Removal due to Damage or Destruction by Elements, Vandals, and/or Other Causes
The Cemetery Authority shall not be responsible for flowers or floral designs that might be removed, damaged or destroyed by the elements, vandals or by other causes.  The Cemetery Authority shall also not be liable for loss of or damage to floral pieces, baskets or frames to which such floral pieces are attached.  Family members who remove flowers must either take them away or dispose of them in the rubbish containers provided about the grounds of the Cemetery.
Watering and/or Furnishing Care to Living Plants and/or Flowers
The Cemetery Authority assumes no responsibility for watering or for furnishing any other care to fresh flowers or potted plants.

Holes or Objects Used to Secure Items Not Permitted
No holes are to be dug in the Cemetery spaces.  No bricks, stones or other objects or devices are to be used to uphold flowers, plants or floral designs.

Objects Not Permitted
The placing of shells, toys, metal designs, yard banners, ornamental objects (including but not limited to solar or battery powered lighted objects), cards, glass, wood, or iron cases and similar articles or materials shall not be permitted.
Removal Days
The first Monday of November and the first Monday of March, the entire Cemetery will be cleaned and all flowers, floral arrangements and other objects located on any Cemetery space will be removed and discarded.

Please note, we ask your cooperation by removing all flowers and keepsakes you may have in the park before the flower removal dates listed above. Your assistance in helping us keep your cemetery beautiful at all times is always greatly appreciated.

Under North Carolina Law, the theft or damage of cemetery property, is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.  Any violators caught will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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