Corinthian Vault

The Corinthian line completely surrounds the vault with a durable polystyrene shell, both inside and out for three layers of protection. The vault is made of over one ton of high-strength reinforced concrete, for warranted strength and durability.  We also use a tongue and groove seal with a butyl rubber sealing compound to bond the base and cover into a single unit.  The Corinthian Vault offers refined, classic styling at a affordable price.  
  • Three layers of strength and durability. 
  • Exclusive monument cap and embossed lid design, filled with reinforced concrete.
  • Sculptured
Choose from 3 Finishes - Each polystyrene shell is combined with a special laminated cover sheet to capture the beauty, richness and feel of polished granite or marble.
Gray Granite
White Marble
Black Marble
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